About Certified Intern Program

Indiacom is a 31 years old company with a young mind set (average age of team members-23yrs only) and a pioneer in the Information Services business. Partnering with leading search engines of the world, we are the proud winners of the Google GMBV Award 2014 (360 degree panoramic walk through photo shoots).

Indiacom has published Telephone directory for 45 Cities/Town in the Country, thereby helping people to set the information on finger tips. Moving with the times, Indiacom is doing various activities in the Digital India programs.

Several projects are under implementation in helping small and medium size businesses of India to go Digital.Youth are invited to Participate in these projects as ‘Certified Interns’. This will provide youngsters much sought after skill sets thus helping them furthering their career prospects and also ‘earn’ while they ‘learn’.

Interns will be trained in skills based on their aptitude and mentored all along. They will be rewarded with stipend, certificates, prizes and lot more. This will help them in future job interviews as the industry looks forward to recruit trained candidates.

So get ready to explore a whole new world of business with Indiacom.

Skill Development and Employment Generation Initiative

Youth Ambassador – Indiacom Ltd.

Youth Ambassador – Indiacom Ltd.

Youth Ambassador – Indiacom Ltd.

Exchange of MOU in the Presence of Honourable Minister Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy Union Minister of State Skill Development and Entrepreneurship & Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India. at New Delhi, 26-27 November 2015.


Certified Intern – Data Collection (Field Work)

Certified Intern – Digital / Social Media Management

Certified Intern – Mobile Photography

Certified Intern – Google 360 degree Photography

Certified Intern – Business Authentication on Google Map

Certified Intern – Database Management / Data Analyst

Ready to get started !

Businesses are evolving drastically and going digital to grow. E-commerce and Data are playing important role in this growth. This presents the youth of India many opportunities. To tap this opportunity come and join Indiacom.

Youth who joins this initiative will be trained by our friendly counsellors to play a vital role in becoming the change maker to your community as well as gain confidence for career advancement.

Selection Criteria :

   Age: 18 – 25 years.

  Motivated and fast learners.

  Decent communication skills – Vernacular or English.

  Ready to help small businesses to go Digital.

  Candidate should have a mobile phone with data connection.

  Familiar with Social Media Platforms (Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Google+ etc.)

What you will get?

Youth Ambassador – Indiacom Ltd.


Interns on field work would get immediate compensation by way of mobile recharge for the data provided .Those who are engaged in office will be rewarded with stipend .

Youth Ambassador – Indiacom Ltd.


To work on Real Time Digital Enablement of Local businesses and Skill Development

Youth Ambassador – Indiacom Ltd.

Skill Acquire

Communication, public interface, human relations, Local business knowledge and most important ideas to become an entrepreneur( businessman)

Youth Ambassador – Indiacom Ltd.


A valuable addition to your resume

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Youth Ambassador- Indiacom Limited